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Progressive Fitness + Wellness… known as Doctors
Wellness Center for its first ten years of operations…
offers a wide range of services and programs, not only to
those pursuing rehabilitative therapies, but also for those
who seek a serious approach to fitness and health. The
team of experts at Progressive Fitness + Wellness can
provide you with the guidance you need to maximize your
health and wellness. Partnering with Progressive
Physical Therapy and Doctors Care, Progressive Fitness
+ Wellness also offers South Carolina’s most
comprehensive medically based Corporate Wellness

Whatever one’s level of fitness, Progressive Fitness +
Wellness provides support every step of the way. This
comprehensive approach attracts serious athletes, those
overcoming medical conditions, whole families, and those
who simply dislike club settings.
When an illness or injury takes you away from the
activities you love, the training, expertise and experience
of the qualified therapists at Progressive Physical
Therapy are here to help you get back to life as normal
again. With locations throughout the state, Progressive
Physical Therapy is the best choice for your rehabilitative

Progressive Physical Therapy is dedicated to serving the
rehabilitation needs of general orthopedic patients as
well as those with sports or industrial injuries. We offer a
full spectrum of rehabilitation services for both acute and
chronic conditions. Patients can be assured of
state-of-the-art equipment and procedures by
experienced and dedicated staff at any of our statewide
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